The Inspiration

It is common knowledge that those who hustle have a better chance of accelerating their growth.

However, not everyone is comfortable with the concept of hustle, the way it is portrayed. Hustle seems to denote "consumption" and as you can expect, not everyone is comfortable with even thinking that way. A lot of introverts almost give up before they begin the hustle journey.

The first thing I did was to redefine hustle to the following: To choreograph the actions of those that matter most to create meaningful accomplishments in an arrangement where everybody involved finds a win.

Once the "what" of the right hustle was defined, the next step was to outline the "how to get there." In the last two years, I tested various concepts on my blogs and my teachings at the Founder Institute.

Finally, these concepts were organized into an online course called "The Right Hustle: Fine-tuning the art of moving the needle"

The key shift in how to look at hustle was going from "consumption-first" to "contribution-first".